Pragatisheel Haryana

Haryana which translates into “heaven of earth” was truly in its most divine form on the glorious day of the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Each year the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports conducts National Youth Fest from 12th Jan to 16th Jan to celebrate the patriot who firmly believed in promoting the youth of this nation .This year Haryana had the pleasure of hosting National Youth Fest at Rohtak city where young people from different culture,dialects and mind set were all together under one roof discovering and learning more and more about their country.

Swami believed that young people of this nation hold the key for solving all its issues. He believed in inculcating both modernism and Indian cultural values in a person’s core for the perfect balance of mind and soul.Thus the objective of the festival was to bring together the people from different backgrounds in order to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding between the youth catering to the motto “unity in diversity”.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the participants and audience of Rohtak city via video conferencing on the grounds of Maharishi Dayanand University to inspire the young talents presenting their respective states and to inaugurate the fest by explaining his vision for the nation which is free from traditional barriers and progresses with time.

During the exhibition in the fest , one can witness the progress Haryana has made over the past few years.Numerous industries have opened up like Whirlpool, Maruti, Bharti Telecom, JCB . Haryana’s agriculture GDP contribution to the nation is 14.1% which is  Asia’s biggest agricultural output.The state is one of India’s largest automobile hubs and accounts for two thirds of passenger cars, 50 per cent of tractors and 60 per cent of motorcycles manufactured in the country. The state has also emerged as a base for the knowledge industry, including IT and biotechnology. Haryana is the third-largest exporter of software and one of the preferred destinations for IT/ITeS facilities.The state government of Haryana has been committed to creating a progressive business environment. The state offers a wide range of fiscal and policy incentives for businesses under the Industrial and Investment Policy, 2011. Haryana stands 14th among Indian states in rankings based on ease of doing business and reforms implementation, according to a study by the World Bank and KPMG.

The simple and hardworking people of Haryana pride themselves, being firm believers in equity, social harmony and peaceful coexistence of all. The increased spending on expansion of educational facilities at all levels, investment-friendly policies, widening of industrial base, building of infrastructure, and peaceful general environment together promote a rapid around growth and development of the State and socio-economic development and prosperity of its people in the years ahead.


On the glorious day of National Youth Day, which embarks the birth anniversary of Swami  Vivekananda, Rohtak city of Haryana was celebrating with grandeur as PM Narendra Modi addressed the augustus gathering via live video conferencing in the glorious presence of Honorable CM Sh.Manohar Lal Khattar , Haryana’s Sports and Minister Anil Vij and National Youth and Sports Minister of Mr.Vijay Goel.

The opening ceremony begun with various performers from Haryana conveying the message of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” , an idea which originated in Haryana to complement the idea of saving the girl child. Betis of Haryana have been the leading ladies of this nation lately at various fields. Sakshi Malik ,Gita Phogat and Babita Phogat will continue to inspire generations to come. Our mascot Ladoo was introduced as the symbol of the same ideology.

The audience were then entertained with some groovy bollywood songs while and surprised with an amazingly energetic and graceful flash mob by Zenith Group.

Cultural aspects of Haryana were in focus throughout the ceremony while our Guests of Honors settled in.Swami Vivekananda’s ideology on the potential of youth was conveyed to the masses in a very inspiring manner by our lovely host.

Our beloved CM lead the lighting of lamp to honor the Gods above and to signify the eternal flame of Swami Vivekananda’s spirit which continues to inspire not only Indians but also the people around the world. There is no better way to bring a feeling of unity and prosperity in the hearts of Indians other than humming their very own National Song Vande Matara. Our culture that has been defining our nation since centuries still sticks with us always makes us want to thank the gods for all that we have and also for better luck for start of something new by the means of a beautiful performance on Saraswati Vandana.NCC and NSS cadets of Rohtak celebrated our brave soldiers by marching past the venues while our National Anthem played in the background.This was followed by introducing each team representing their state showcasing their culture,traditional dresses and history in a very colourful and vivid way.

The event was glorified with the virtual presence of the Prime Minister Of India, Mr.Narendra Modi who brought the challenges faced by this country and the goals of this country to the surface.He inspired the youth overcome these challenges by not straying from one’s path at this tender age when one must strive to be better and responsible citizens of the country. He emphasized on the concepts of social harmony by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect which is the agenda of the youth fest.His vision of digital India which will help in development in every aspect was the theme of this fest.This theme was represented by a splendid dance performance later on.The prime minister’s speech integrated Swami’s vision for the youth

The heroes of Haryana that brought glory to India were facilitated with Dronachraya Award and Arjun Award by the Chief Minister.This was followed by mesmerizing dance performances that was symbolic of “unity in diversity” of the nation. The crowd was taken aback with amazing bike stunts performed by our extremely talented and brave commandos. The main attraction of the event was the very amusing laser show that depicted the life of Swami Vivekananda and Artificial Intelligence which stunned the crowd.

The event concluded with smiles and pride as everyone hummed Jai Ho and  Chakh De India! as the performers stunned everyone and the 21st National Youth Fest commenced.

Significance of National Youth Fest!

“Youth means to place your firm confidence in yourself & exercise your hopeful determination and resolution and willing good intentions in this beautiful task of self-culture”

January 12 is no ordinary day, it is a day engraved in history as a day when India was blessed with one of its most copious thinkers, Swami Vivekananda. A monk, a patriot, a great orator, he believed that the nation’s youth hold the key for solving various problems India faces by strengthening every possible skill amalgamated with the Indian culture .His spirit, mission and his message live on- to date and continue to inspire generations of people.

National Youth Day is celebrated to commemorate his birth anniversary. It is organized by Ministry Of Youth Affairs and Sports , Government of India in collaboration with one of the State Governments. Thus it is held in a different state each year during National Youth Week, 12 to 16 January every year. This year, Rohtak , Haryana has privilege has to host this dynamic cultural fest.

The youth festival aims to propagate the concept of national integration, communal harmony, brotherhood, courage and adventure amongst the youth by providing them a platform for inculcating values and respect for each others’ traditions, culture and heritage.

Thus this year, National Youth Fest aims at empowering the youth by providing them opportunities to shine and stretch themselves beyond their imagination to innovate and contribute towards the nation.